Saturday, September 3, 2016

My granddaughter Anna recently graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in psychology. Anna and I spent many crafting hours together when she was younger. One week, while on a week's visit when she was maybe nine, we embossed velvet, marbled fabric, tried our hand at flower pounding, and got started on a quilt, which we finished. Oh, and we did some paper piecing. It was a very full week.

Because she has cystic fibrosis, which is nicknamed "sixty-five roses," the term being coined by a child who had the disease and mispronounced it, I wanted to give her something with a rose. I have many photos I've taken of roses, but I chose this one to give her.

No, I didn't just print the picture. Well, yes, I did print it, but on fabric. With my ink jet printer, I printed one copy on cotton, and another on silk organza. When the two are layered, the result is shimmery, almost 3-D.

Next I put together both prints with batting and backing, tacking the layers together, and then quilted.

After writing a personal note that I sewed to the back, I framed it.