Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tag Sale Results

Barb and I sold some items at our tag sale, but we still have plenty to work with. We may do another sale, but not at my house. I had lots of bags of scraps that didn't sell and have been trying to decide whether to try and do something with them or to toss them. As someone who can't stand to throw out anything that might possibly be used, the latter action was going to be painful.

But, good news: I learned that someone who works with autistic persons will take the scraps, along with my bag full of empty thread spools. I've got both the small cylindrical kind and the cones. I feel so much better to both learn that I don't have to make something out of these items and that someone else will.

I kept looking over at Barb's things, thinking that she had things I could not live without. In the end, we did trade a couple of things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Fabric & Yarn Sale

Saturday, July 25


28 Arden Street, New Haven (Morris Cove)

We can’t store it all!  Two artists/quilters are reducing their stashes.  

Quilting, Sewing, Knitting,

Arts and Crafts Supplies

*Fabric *Yarn *Books *Patterns *Beads
*Paper crafting supplies *Drawing supplies
 and more.