Saturday, October 25, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop


I'm delighted to have been invited by Mary Lachman to take part in this blog hop. I hope to visit many new sites and hope to get visitors to mine. As I said in my previous post, my blog was hacked and disappeared. I'd been working on it for many years and had many delightful posts, as well as a list of bloggers that I enjoyed following--also lost. This worldwide blog hop is serving as an incentive to start working again.

I invite you to also visit Diane Cadrain's blog.I know Diane through SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). She can be seen knitting small items, such as leaves, flowers, or backgrounds, that she may include in her next quilt. I had the pleasure of walking by and viewing Diane's quilts on display at the UConn Health Center for three months as I made frequent visits there for dental work.

Diane is a member of The Connective Fiber Arts Collective (CFCA), a group of very talented women who frequently exhibit their work around the state. I am happy to be friends with many of them.

Mary is also a member of CFCA and SAQA. I was first drawn to Mary's work when I saw her unique felted art that incorporated lace and doilies into her pieces. Mary is a delightful person who is also a scientist and the author of a book, Moth in the Window, a beautiful book focused on her grandfather's poetry.

What I have been doing more than anything is teach math. I try to get some projects done on the side. This is not the ideal way to be an artist, because often I have inspiration and a desire to create, but there is a pile of exams to correct.

If you check an earlier post in this new blog, I took a class, along with other members of Sisters in Cloth, with Kate Themel. She is one of the most talented women I have had the privilege to meet.

I have just finished a small piece for a Sisters in Cloth exhibit at the Guilford Town Hall. While going through the fabrics I have painted or dyed, I came across a piece of mono-printed fabric--created in a class with Rayna Gillman--that contained a leaf image. I cut off that part; it was about 6 x 8. After free-motion stitching around each leaf, I painted them with Inktense pencils. Here it is, framed and ready.

This picture had a white circle in the middle--the reflection of the flash. I was very happy to be able to cover that with the paintbrush in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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  1. Hello Ruth, I saw your Forsythia in the Fall in Quilting Arts and wondered how you created the stem and materials that were used. I love that art piece and the piece above and using intense pencils. I can be reached at lauratawney7 at gmail dot com